Chairman's Message

Dear all,
““Every success is the result of a dream, and every dream is supported by hard work, perseverance, dedication, and devotion to ensure that this dream becomes a reality. As a youngster, I also dreamed of making it big one day, though the beginning was indeed a humble one. 28 years later, a dream that started off in the Kingdom of Bahrain has become a reality through very many businesses, thriving verticals, over 5000 employees, and many investments in the pipeline. Let me first thank the Almighty for his benevolence showered upon us in all our endeavors and then our committed workforce, comprising personnel from over a dozen nations. Together, we continue to build the dream towards the next level.
The dream that I saw today has become Western International Group.
Geepas, the flagship brand of Western International Group, stands as the world's largest electronic brand portfolio and the only brand that covers multiple segments like entertainment products, home appliances, kitchen appliances, personal gadgets, and lighting products. With our network spreading across 82 countries and over 1500 products, Geepas has embraced technology and innovation with remarkable service backup and has provided the common man with a judicious combination of quality and cost. Today, we directly manage and operate an extensive distribution network in all six GCC states, making us the strongest value segment brand in the region. Our unparalleled reach and highly efficient after-sales support have made the brand a household name among our target consumers.
We have tried to reach out to many people through our products. Our products are available to the customer at the best prices, while our service has emerged as the high point of our entire business philosophy. This has made our brands the preferred ones among people of various nationalities in different product categories. This has been possible because of the support we have enjoyed from all our associates, partners, and, above all, our dear customers.
As we continue to grow and expand, I would like to state that we will continue to be with the common man, whose ideals, beliefs, and desires reflect on our success story.”
Chairman's message
K P Basheer